What Are They?

info Aug 10, 2021


What Are They?

Tech is the collective term for a bunch of new skills, techniques, processes, or methods employed in the creation of new products or services or in accomplishing goals, like scientific research. The diversity of the technology field makes it ripe with opportunity for those interested in pursuing a number of different careers. If you’re thinking of a tech career, here are just five of the many possible fields to get into:

Design and visual arts. The design and visual arts encompass a wide range of industries and sub-disciplines, including graphic design, visual arts production, and computer-aided design. Visual arts are a large part of the visual technology sector, responsible for everything from video games to concept paintings. There are also a number of publications in this field that span a broad spectrum of topics, including books on film studies and installations at art galleries. If you have an interest in visual arts but don’t necessarily consider yourself a technical designer, you could consider a position in this subfield.

Computer software. The computer software field includes software engineers, software designers, computer specialists, system testers, and network specialists. The most popular programs for kids include Nintendo Wii and Xbox. Older children and adults will probably enjoy video games, computer puzzles, and board games, respectively. Companies in this tech sector create the majority of the software used by tech-enabled businesses.

Web development. The world of web development includes website development and graphic design. A tech-enabled business may focus on a particular programming language (for instance PHP or HTML), a particular platform, or a specific set of tools. Whatever they specialize in, most tech-enabled businesses will be responsible for web site creation, maintaining the site, marketing it, and making it accessible to their target audience. Many of these companies hire a number of people to perform various tasks, including writers, designers, programmers, and accountants. There are also startups forming in the tech-enabled business realm, so there is always room for new tech company ideas.

Technology-based Goods and Services. This sector includes technology companies that produce hardware, software, accessories, and digital content. In addition to traditional consumer products and services, such companies include medical and healthcare equipment, wearable technology, digital signage, networking devices, digital media devices, digital information services, and consumer electronic products. The manufacturing sector is seeing more tech-enabled business activity as companies attempt to be more environmentally and socially aware.

Civic Innovation. Some technologists believe that we may be witnessing a tech surge in the form of civic innovation. This occurs when citizens take on projects that are motivated by their own interests and that improve the community in which they live. For example, the project to launch the “Flickr” service allows individuals to upload photos to the service and then help the community to enhance its digital technologies. In addition to improving the aesthetics of their community, the flash mobs that swept across the country recently were driven by social issues that affected both the media and tech sectors. Civic tech is a likely future focus of civic leaders in North America.