Computer Components

info Aug 15, 2021

A computer is an electronic machine which is able to execute certain sets of mathematical or logical operations automatically without the need for human intervention. Modern computers are able to execute a wide assortment of activities such as word processing, mathematical calculations and the operation of different software applications. Computers have been developed to efficiently solve problems in various fields. It is also used to deliver programs, information and services to consumers, business organizations, governments and other organizations. Computers have become an integral part of our day-to-day life.


A computer system includes the components that comprise the complete unit. These components include a central processing unit (CPU), main memory, Random access memory (RAM) and hard drive. The CPU is responsible for executing the programs that store the data and instructions into the CPU. Other main components of a computer software system are the computer architecture and its components such as communication devices, operating system, input and output devices, peripheral devices, input and output devices, digital circuits and operating systems.

Computer hardware consists of the devices which allow a computer to process data. These devices are known as computer peripherals. A number of hardware devices are available in the market today. These include printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, scanner, fax machine, CD/DVD burner, disk drives, etc. A computer system must include all the necessary hardware in order to operate properly.

A computer system usually consists of four main parts. The control unit is the main unit of the computer system that controls the overall operation of the system. The control unit of an electronic system can be considered to be an instruction set that controls how the electronic components of the system work. The control unit also includes the memory where instructions to execute the computer are stored. The random access memory or RAM is the internal memory of the computer where random access data is stored.

The microprocessor on the other hand is the part of the computer system which translates the instructions written to the control unit into execution commands which are ultimately executed by the computer’s CPU. The central processing unit (CPU) is the most important component of the computers which stores all the data and instructions needed to operate the computer. The speed of the CPU is determined by the type of processor, which is installed in the computers. The computers have various types of processors installed in them.

The computer mother board or motherboard is the component of the computer which connects the microprocessor, control units, memory and hard drive with each other. The built in disks of the hard drives are preloaded with data such as operating system software and user program software. The built in disks of the computers also contain the registry, which keeps track of all the different software installed on the computer. The computers usually boot up from the booting disks. The memory is another component which is used by the computer to store the programs and data.